Now that you’re a parent there’s a lot to think about: everything from preschools to sports to braces. 

One question that’s on most parents’ mind: how am I going to pay for everything?

We get it, figuring out how to be a good parent while making enough can be TOTALLY overwhelming (especially if your little one doesn’t sleep through the night!)

To give parents with young kids a break, we’ve spent over 20 hours analyzing dozens of investing and money managementoptions so you don’t have to. These babies are the winners when it comes to getting ahead financially. 

In less than 21 minutes you’ll be on your way to easily saving $960+/ year, leaving your family up to $1.5 million, SUPER easily investing almost $400/year in companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Apple, and getting up to 10% cash back all from your phone 

Now, if only potty training and bedtime routines could be so easy!

Tip 1: Save- and Invest- Without Thinking About It

What: Now that you have a new job, money’s on your mind. But if finances are still tight, saving and investing can be tough. 

But we found a company that automatically takes the leftover change from everyday purchases (rounded up to the next dollar) and invests in affordable, diversified exchange traded funds that grow over time.

In other words, safe, simple saving and investing that’s on autopilot.

Why It’s Important: Taking change that you won’t otherwise miss and investing it into lucrative stocks is a smart- and easy- way to passively grow and compound your wealth. 

Acorns is an easy-to-use investing app that automatically invests in companies like Apple, airbnb, and Nike,  and even saves for retirement. All for just a buck a month. 

They’ll even give you a $10 bonus after you make your first investment.


Time It Takes: Under 5 Minutes

What You Get: Hassle-free entry to investing and on-demand financial advice for just $1 per month. Plus $10 bonus cash. Begin investing now

Tip 2: Leave Your Family $1.5 Million Dollars

What: If you’re married, have kids, or own a home, you’ll want to help make sure that they’re taken care of should something happen to you. 

It’s unlikely that you have enough saved to cover years- or even decades- of expenses like the mortgage, braces, car repairs, and college tuition. So you need a plan.

Why It’s Important: This is where life insurance comes in. Each month, you pay a fixed premium, and if you were to die, your family would receive up to $1.5 million from the insurance company. 

Typically, the healthier- and younger- you are, the cheaper the policy. So getting a policy in your 20s or 30s is a perfect- and likely super-affordable- time. 

And it’s never been easier to apply for coverage before, thanks to a next-gen company called Bestow, you can get a no-obligation quote in seconds, which doesn’t even require your name. Their plans start at just $16 per month, and you can do it from home. 

Like what you see? Just enter a few more pieces of information, and in about 7 minutes, you’ll know if you’ve been approved for up to $1,500,000 in coverage. 

For less than the cost of an average Uber ride, and your family may be able to get up to $1.5 million in coverage. Apply today to protect their tomorrow

Time It Takes: About 7 minutes

What You Get: Up to $1,500,000 in coverage. Plans start at just $16/month. Click to get a quote in less than 90 seconds

Tip 3: Get Up to 10% Cash Back While Saving the Planet

What: We all know you need to bank. But did you know that your banking choices could be killing off polar bears and contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest?! Seriously. 

Why It’s Important: Most Big Banks take client deposits and invest them with companies that align with continued fossil fuel expansion (think drilling in the Arctic and the expansion of Keystone pipeline). 

If you hate this as much as we do, switch to Aspirationwhere your deposits will NEVER support fossil fuel exploration or production. Oh, and depending on the debit card you choose, you could get up to 10% back when shopping at your favorite retailers.


Want to do even more good for the planet? Turn on “Plant Your Change” for all purchases to eliminate your carbon footprint- they’ll plant a tree every time you swipe your debit card, simply by rounding up the change. 

And there’s a lot in it for you, too. Because they promise No Hidden Fees, Aspiration allows users to pay whatever they think is fair (even if it’s $0). Yuu’ll also enjoy up to 10% cash back when shopping at socially conscientious retailers like Warby Parker and TOMS (specific percentage depends on which plan you choose), and 55,000 free ATMs- more than Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase COMBINED

Time It Takes: About 3 Minutes

What You Get: A fee-free debit card that actually helps save the planet, up to 10% cash back at your favorite stores (depending on the plan you choose), and access to over 55k free ATMs nationwide. Click here to sign up now.

Tip 4: Keep Your Stuff Safe for 30 cents a day

What: Whether it be a burst pipe, a burglar swiping your new laptop, or a neighbor’s kitchen fire destroying the whole floor, it only takes a few seconds for everything to change- and potentially suffer a huge loss at home.

And unless you’re secretly a Rockefeller, you likely don’t have enough money laying around to replace everything you own. 

But there’s a super-quick, super-affordable solution to protect you from a ton of financial pain. And you can do it from your phone.

Why It’s Important: Sure, your parents have homeowners’ insurance, but if you’re renting a place, chances are good you haven’t bothered to get insurance yourself. Big mistake.

The good news is that we found a company that’ll set you up with renters insurance- insurance that’ll cover everything you own in your rental house/apartment- in just 90 seconds right from your phone. 

The next-gen insurance company called Lemonade offers plans which start as low as $5/mo (insane, we know!). Not only do they cover fire, pipe bursts, and theft, but they’ll also cover you if someone were to get seriously hurt when they were over or if they sued you.

In just 90 seconds- and for less than the price of one Starbucks coffee a month-  you can have IMMEDIATE rental insurance coverage.

No brainer. 

Time It Takes: 90 seconds to get insured, as little as 3 minutes to get paid

What You Get: Nearly instantaneous renters insurance coverage, at a price you can afford. Plans start as low as $5/mo. Click here to get covered.

Tip 5: Get Into the Stock Market

What: Smart investing is one of the ways some of the world’s wealthiest people earned their money. 

Since most of us are unlikely to start the next Salesforce or Oracle, buying stock in companies can be a path to start building wealth.

Why It’s Important: Owning pieces of companies- like Google, Apple, Amazon, and more can be a smart- and passive- way to start increasing your net worth. 

Fractional investing, or buying part of a stock, is possible with an app called Stash. Well-known companies like Tesla, Airbnb, and Netflix can have sky-high stock prices, so being able to invest in a fractional share of these types of stocks makes it accessible to start investing1.

It only takes a few minutes to set up and when these other companies profit, so can you due to a thing called dividends!2 

5 million people trust Stash.3 Set up your account now, and they’ll put an extra $5 into your personal portfolio once you make a deposit of at least $5*.

Time It Takes: 3-4 minutes

What You Get: The ability to buy part of the hottest companies, for just a few dollars, all from your phone. Start investing now

Tip 6: Cancel Your Car Insurance

What: One of the easiest ways to get ahead is to cut back on unnecessarily high bills- like your current car insurance. 

Most people don’t think about it, but car insurance companies consider a lot of factors, so unless you’re comparing rates twice- yes, twice- a year, you’re probably overpaying. 

Why It’s Important:  Since most of us are too busy living life to compare rates that often, savvy 20s and 30-somethings turn to Gabi.

Gabi is the “Amazon” of insurance, since they compare rates from all of the top insurance companies, then help you switch to a cheaper provider in minutes

The best part: it’s free and there are no forms to fill out. Just link your current policy and see how much you can save. They say their average customer saves almost $1,000/year!!

If you find a plan you like, Gabi will help you switch insurance carriers, cancel your old policy, and even get you a refund from your current provider. All in minutes. 

Time It Takes: 4-6 minutes

What You Get: Gabi’s average customer saves $961 a year!! Mind blown. Find out how much you can save.

Tip 7: Get Your Credit Score for FREE… and Learn How to Increase It

What: If you’re like most 20s and 30-somethings, you’ve heard of a credit score and know it affects your ability to borrow money, but you likely don’t know what yours is, or how to make it higher, right? 

Everything from the ability to buy a house or a car to the amount of credit a card will extend is determined by your credit score. 

Why It’s Important: Knowing your credit score allows you to make smart choices about your finances, and if it’s low, you can improve it. 

Don’t know your credit score? Don’t worry- the team at Credit Sesame has you covered. They’ll help you get your credit score for free, and even give you tips on how to quickly increase it. 

They’ll also help you with free identity theft protection, free credit monitoring, and provide you with a free credit report card. Everyone likes free.

In less than 2 minutes, you can get a free Credit Sesame account and find out what your credit score is and how to improve it.

Time It Takes: 90 seconds

What You Get: Free credit score and free tips on how to improve your score by hundreds of points. Get your free score now


1) Round up the change and invest without even realizing it with Acorns. It costs $1/mo and you can get the app and account set up in under 5 minutes.

2) Get up to $1.5 million in life insurance, at rates that start at just $16/mo. You can get a quote in seconds, and an answer in minutes. 

3) Choose a debit card that’ll help save the planet because your money will never go to fossil fuel exploration and production. You can even get a $150 sign up bonus when you spend $1,000. It only takes 3 minutes to sign up.

4) Protect everything you own for just $5/mo with renters insurance. Signing up takes 90 seconds, and the policy takes immediate effect, so no more worrying about fires or floods.

5) Invest in fractional shares of popular companies with Stash. With 3-4 minutes and $5, you can start investing today.

6) Compare dozens of providers to find the cheapest car insurance, in only 5 minutes. The average customer saves almost $1,000/yr!

7) Get your free credit score… and get tips on how to improve it in just 90 seconds.

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