About Us

The Wealth Circus Team is a small group of passionate finance geeks, writers, and scrappy young (and not so young) people who know what it’s like to feel completely overwhelmed by with all things money: needing to quickly make more money, choosing the credit card, getting out of debt, how to begin investing in the stock market (especially when you’re nearly broke), figuring out all of your insurance options, and just getting an overall grasp on financial literacy. 

We’ll guide you through all of your most-pressing questions, honestly answering with the best- and worst- choices in the space. Save yourself the hassle and headache and let our team spend hours researching the myriad of different choices in categories ranging from insurance to investing apps, store credit cards to side hustles and simply tell you “this one is best.”

Our goal is to help you understand how “the system” works so you can make the best choices for you, our family, and your future. 

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LS HOST LLC d/b/a Wealth Circus
265A Post Road West
Westport, CT 06880

[email protected]